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LEE Filters Digital SLR Starter Kit
  • LEE Filters Digital SLR Starter Kit
LEE Filters Digital SLR Starter Kit
Marka : LEE Filters
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Havale Fiyati : 1,236.76 TL

Öne Çıkan Özellikler

  • 0.6 Graduated Neutral Density Hard
  • ProGlass 0.6ND Standard Filter

The Digital SLR Starter Kit from Lee Filters is an ideal introduction to the comprehensive LEE Filters filter system for digital SLR users. Lee, a leader in square and rectangular filters, has designed this system in response to the demands of both digital and traditional film shooters.

Lee ProGlass filters are manufactured to meet the standards of today′s highly sensitive digital sensors. The ProGlass filter reduces irregular color casts. They provide vibrant results as the light forming the image is more specific to the requirements of the film or sensor.

ND filters appear gray and reduce the amount of light reaching either the sensor of a digital camera or the film plane of a traditional film camera. Neutral Density filters are used to create some unusual special effects such as capturing the "blur" of the rippling water of a waterfall or the swirling effect of city traffic.

This kit includes an assembled filter holder, a 0.6 Hard ND, a ProGlass 0.6ND Standard and a cleaning cloth. These glass ND filters are optimized for use with digital cameras as they absorb more infrared and UV light than traditional ND filters. 

This kit comes packed in a triple pouch, and is an ideal way to get the best results with your digital SLR.


ProGlass Filters

The ProGlass filter reduces false color casts and provides vibrant results for both digital and film, as the light forming the image is more specific to the requirements of the film or sensor
ProGlass NDs are an extremely high-quality glass ND filter - optimized for use with digital cameras, but equally useful for film
Type Digital Starter Kit
Size 4 x 4" (100 x 100 x 2mm)
  • 0.6 = 2-stops
Filter Factor
  • ND.6 (exposure adjustment = 2 stops, reduces ISO 1/4)
Multi-Coated No
Rotating No
Effect Balanced light intensity from one part of a scene to another
  • Nature, Travel, Outdoor photography
  • For solid ND: To use high-speed ISOs in bright sun
Color Temperature Not Specified by Manufacturer
Construction ProGlass filters use a surface coating made from evaporated metal, providing very even absorption across the visible as well as the UV and infrared spectrums
Front Filter Thread Size Not Applicable
Front Lens Cap Size Not Applicable
LEE Filters Digital SLR Starter Kit
  • Filter Holder
  • 0.6 Neutral Density Hard Filter
  • ProGlass 0.6 Standard Neutral Density Filter
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Three Filter Pouch
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer′s Defects
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