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SliderPLUS Manual PRO Long

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Delivers 2.9 ft (90 cm) camera slide.

Solid Carrying Capacity: SliderPLUS PRO Long can carry setups up to 20 lb (9 kg).

Super Smooth Manual Slider: SliderPLUS delivers silky smooth horizontal, vertical, or incline shots manually with the included Steady Module.

2x Longer Slides: When used on a tripod, SliderPLUS delivers twice the amount of camera travel compared to sliders of its size. It offers an impressive 2.9 ft (90 cm) camera slide distance on tripod.

2x Longer Dolly On/Out Shots: When used on a tripod, SliderPLUS moves with the camera without entering the frame while giving you twice the amount of dolly in/out range.

Attach Any Camera Head: SliderPLUS comes with a 3/8” mounting screw on top, so you can easily attach any camera head.

Easily Attach to Any Tripod: You can attach SliderPLUS on a tripod by just turning the screw wheel under it. There’s no need to rotate the whole slider several times to screw it on the tripod. It comes with a 3/8” mounting port on the bottom.

Built-in Legs: You can setup SliderPLUS directly on any type of terrain with the built-in folding legs. Using SliderPLUS without a tripod will only deliver 1x slide range.

Built to Last: SliderPLUS is constructed with CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel components, steel ball bearings, and temperature-treated aluminum rods for lifetime durability.

Can be Motorized: You can attach an edelkrone Motor Module (sold separately) to motorize SliderPLUS. With Motor Module, app-controlled motorized camera motion, motion time-lapses, stop motions, precise repeatable motion for VFX, simultaneous control & programming with other edelkrone heads become possible.

The Original Slider: SliderPLUS was first introduced by edelkrone in 2012. This invention created a new category of camera sliders that deliver twice the amount of camera travel at a portable size.

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