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Sony UWP-X8 Wireless Handheld System (U3032)
  • Sony UWP-X8 Wireless Handheld System (U3032)
  • Sony UWP-X8 Wireless Handheld System (U3032)
  • Sony UWP-X8 Wireless Handheld System (U3032)
  • Sony UWP-X8 Wireless Handheld System (U3032)
  • Sony UWP-X8 Wireless Handheld System (U3032)
Sony UWP-X8 Wireless Handheld System (U3032)
Marka : Sony
Ürün Kodu : UWP-X8/3032
Stok Durumu : Stok Bilgisi İsteyin -
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Kazancınız : (%100) -2,448.00 TL

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Öne Çıkan Özellikler
  • UTX-H2 Handheld Transmitter
  • Unidirectional Handheld
  • URX-M2 Tuner Module

The Sony UWP-X8 Wireless Microphone System consists of the UTX-H2 handheld microphone and URX-M2 tuner module. The system is intended for wireless microphone operation in broadcast, presentation, theater applications, etc. The handheld features a unidirectional (cardioid) element that minimizes noise and feedback. Space diveristy reception further minimizes drop-out radio-frequency interference and noise. The URX-M2 tuner module features a modular design and easily installs into the UWP-X7 Tuner Base, SRPX500P and SRPX700P digital powered mixers.

Note! This Is Not A Camera Mountable System

UHF Synthesized Frequencies
Both transmitter and receiver provide 188 user selectable frequencies, providing plenty of options when interference is present.
Tuner-Module Receiver
The compact tuner-module is designed to interface with compatible Sony base units such as the MBX6 receiver unit.
Selectable RF Output
The transmitter allows selection between 5mW output power and 30mW output. 5mW is suitable for indoor, simultaneous multi-channel operation while 30mW is intended for outdoor, long-range use.
Comprehensive Display
Both transmitter and receiver feature a comprehensive LED display providing channel and frequency information, battery life, total usage time and more.



Type of System Handheld and Modular Receiver
RF Carrier Frekans Mesafe 566 MHz to 590 MHz (TV channels 30 to 33) Users may choose from 188 frequencies on each model
Approx. Working Mesafe Not Specified By Manufacturer
Overall Frekans Response 50Hz to 18kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 60 dB or more
# Of Channels 188
# Of Simultaneous Systems 16
Type of Receiver URX-M2 Tuner Module
Type of Outputs No
Headphone Monitoring No
Power Requirements DC 9.0V
Batarya Type/Approx. Life No
Display LCD
Mounting Options Installs into MBX6 Tuner Base, SRPX500P and SRPX700P Digital Mixers
Antenna Type Internal
Ölçüler Not Specified By Manufacturer
Ağırlık Not Specified By Manufacturer
Type of Transmitter Handheld Transmitter
Type of Input Connector Not Applicable
Type of Microphone Dynamic
Polar Pattern Unidirectional (Cardioid)
Interchangeable Mic Heads No
Batarya Type/Approx. Life 8 hours with Sony AA-size alkaline (LR6) batteries at 25° C (77° F) at 30 mW output
Mute Switch Mute / On / Off
Level Control Yes
Antenna Type Internal
Display LCD
Ölçüler (LxDiameter) 1 x 10" (25 x 254mm)
Ağırlık 10.9 oz including battery


SonyUWP-X8 Wireless Handheld System (U3032)
  • Handheld Transmitter
  • Modular Receiver
  • 1 Year Warranty
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